Technical Assistance for the Activation of Maraş Pepper Cluster in Southeast Anatolia Region

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Co-financed by the European Union and the Republic of Turkey, the project started to be implemented starting from April 2017 in K.Maraş Province of Turkey. The duration of the project is 18 months and the end beneficiary is Kahramanmaraş Provincial Directorate of Food, Agriculture and Livestock. The main purposes of the project are as following; contribute to economic development of the region in which the project is implemented, increase competitiveness of the Maraş pepper sector in the region.

Within the framework of project, IKADA Consulting conducts desk research, stakeholder consultations, interviews; conducts Business Diagnostic Studies, Value Chain Analysis, Diamond Analysis and Benchmarking Analysis; conducts Comprehensive National and International Market Research, prepares Consolidated Cluster Analysis Report including BD, VCA, MR, Cluster Development Roadmap (CDR) and organises a workshop to present the CDR; organizes workshops, study tours, seminars, high profile events; engages in promotional activities; formulates strategies with cluster actors; proposes a governance structure and preparation of 5 year action plan; establishes the Cluster Coordianation Unit and support to the CCU in day-to-day work.

Child Friendly Cities Programme

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‘Child Friendly City Programme’ is a UNICEF initiative being implemented all over the World. The programme in Turkey is being implemented in cooperation with The Ministry of Interior within the scope of UNICEF Turkey Country Programme 2016-2020. The programme aims at children’s participation, a child friendly legal framework, a city-wide Children’s Rights Strategy, a Children’s Rights Unit or coordinating mechanism, child impact assessment and evaluation, a children’s budget, a regular State of the City’s Children Report, advocating child rights and independent advocacy for children
Through the technical assistance of Ikada Consulting, UNICEF aims to support municipalities at varying levels of engagement to support the realization of children’s rights at the local level through organizing regular trainings both on overall principles of becoming a CFC and on specific thematic areas.( Child Participation, Budgeting, Strategic Planning, Impact Assessment,Child Labour, Child Marriage,etc)

IKADA Consulting delivers technical assistance to local administrations,namely municipalities, organises thematic trainings based on the findings of community-based assessments (Parenting Education, Child Participation, Coordination etc), training of a group of young people to be trainers on ‘Child Friendly City’ framework to provide direct support to the municipalities at the local level and training of Municipal Staff on child budgeting, strategic planning and impact assessment. Development of monitoring and evaluation system and preparation of the state of children reports are among the targets of the programme.

More and Better Jobs for Women: Women’s Empowerment through Decent Work in Turkey



The major target group of the project is unemployed women registered with İŞKUR. The project will give priority to unemployed women. The project “More and Better Jobs for Women: Women’s Empowerment through Decent Work in Turkey” has been jointly implemented by the International Labour Organization (ILO) and the Turkish Employment Agency (İŞKUR) with the financial contribution of Sweden through the Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency (SIDA).

The main objectives of the project include supporting the development of an inclusive and coherent policy at national level to promote women’s employment, creating decent work opportunities for women and building awareness in the fields of gender equality and labour standards. Within the scope of this project, IKADA is responsible of implementing the Entrepreneurship Support Programme. The program involves providing entrepreneurship training and mentorship support services for 400 women registered to İŞKUR in İstanbul, Konya, Bursa and Ankara-including provision of grants to the selected candidates. The project also involves delivery of the seminar for ISKUR Vocational Counsellors so as to as to improve capacities of policy makers and planners responsible for delivery of employment services to women.

Technical Assistance for the Improvement of the Shared Industrial Infrastructure of the Pistachio Processing Sector

Co-financed by the European Union and the Republic of Turkey, the project is being implemented in the province of Siirt, starting the activities  in March 2016. The duration of the project is two years and the end beneficiary is Union of Pistachio Producers in Siirt. The purpose of the Project is to increase competitiveness of pistachio sector in Siirt. The intervention aims at establishment and operationalization of a Pistachio Processing Facility (PPF) which will serve for pistachip producers and processors in the region. The services delivered by Ikada includes but not limited to preparation of business plan models for the PPF, design and implementation of branding and marketing initiative, establishment of HR base, operational systems and quality management systems, provision of business development sevrices to SMEs. IKADA will support the obtaining of relevant ISO quality certificates ( ISO 9001, 18001,14001,22000), develop manuals for the utilization of these systems and monitor the implementation.

Technical Assistance for the operation of My Bee, My Honey, My Honeycomb in Ordu

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Co-financed by the European Union and the Republic of Turkey, the project started to be implemented starting from December 2016 in Ordu Province of Turkey. The duration of the project is two years and the end beneficiary is Apiculture Research Institute. The main purposes of the project are as following; increase the competitiveness of the Apiculture Sector in the target provinces; enhance the competitiveness of the SMEs in Apiculture Sector in the target provinces (Ordu, Samsun, Sinop, Giresun, Trabzon, Rize). As a result an institutional infrastructure that will increase the competitiveness of Apiculture Sector in Black Sea Region (in target provinces) established; business plans of RAN structures are prepared; PPF, CCPs, QCC and PMU are established.

Within the framework of project, IKADA Consulting provides the following services;
Assessment of the Planned RAN and Development of a Roadmap, Developing and Presenting RAN Assessment Report, Positioning RAN (Recognition based on common understanding), Carry out Stakeholder Analysis, Conducting Workshops, Market Assessment, Business Diagnostic Studies, Delivery of Business Modeling, Development of Competitiveness Assessment, Preparation of Business Plans, Supportive Tools, Systems and Cross Cutting Strategies, Developing M&E System, Designing and running data recording and reporting system, Developing Manuals, Training of Relevant Staff,
Development of Quality Management & Assurance Systems, Monitoring and Evaluation of Training Programmes, Support to delivery of PPF and QCC functions, delivery of CCP and PMU function.

Technical Assistance for Establishment of Common-use Processing Facility for Industrial Forestry Products in Kastamonu

Co-financed by the European Union and the Republic of Turkey, the project is being implemented in the province of Kastamonu, starting the activities  in March 2016. The duration of the project is two years and the end beneficiary is Kastamonu Commodity Exchange . The purpose of the Project is to improve the competitiveness of forest-based industrial sectors in Kastamonu.Within this scope, the common-use processing facility (CUF) for the forest-based industries in Kastamonu, will be operationalized. Operational efficiency of these industries will be improved through the delivery of business development services. To this end, IKADA provides services not limited to SME diagnostic studies, competitiveness analysis, business plan development and preparation of service manuals, business development services, , establishment of HR base, training programs targeting CUF and SMEs to serve for the overall and spesific objective of the Project which is to contribute to improve the Kastamonu’s industrial and service infrastructure and the competitive capacities of forest-based industries contributing therefore to local economic development.

Technical Assistance for Economic and Social Integration of Internally Displaced Persons in Van Province

Co-financed by the European Union and the Republic of Turkey, the project has commenced its implementation in the province of Van in October 2014. The duration of the project is two years and the beneficiaries are the General Directorate of Provincial Administrations and the Van Governorate within the Ministry of Interior. The overall objectives of this project are to improve the capacity of IDPs, to promote equality on access to fundamental services, and to restore the socio-economic conditions of IDPs with a better social integration. To this end, IKADA is providing vocational training programs, literacy courses, entrepreneurship trainings and study visits for the purpose of building capacities of IDPs, local administrations, and NGOs that serve as service providers to IDPs.

Technical Assistance for Promoting Registered Employment Through Better Guidance and Inspection (PRE-II)

This Operation aims to reduce levels of unregistered employment in Turkey, by providing capacity building activities to the Social Security Institution (SSI), specifically through: Increasing the guidance and inspection capacity of SSI at both the central and local level; Increasing the policy making capacity of SSI at the central level with regards to promotion of registered employment; and Raising public awareness about the importance and benefits of registered employment. This Operation has been designed in line with the new approach to combating unregistered employment, which prioritises guidance, rather than inspections based on complaint or notification.

Technical Assistance for Promotion of the Civil Society Dialogue Between EU and Turkey-III ( TA & Grant Scheme)

Overall aim of the project is to increase the level of understanding of the benefits & contributions of Turkish EU membership in Turkey and in the EU. Target groups of the project are Media organizations at Local, Regional, National, Audio-visual media, Printed media Internet media Civil Society organisations and non-profit organisations directly related with media Professional media bodies such as press councils ; CSOs working in the fields of democracy, justice, fundamental rights and freedom, social dialogue and solidarity, culture, migration and asylum. Following activities are to be realized within the scope of the project: development of a publicity and visibility plan, review and modification of monitoring manual activity, re-customising and adaptation of the MIS, training needs assessment for media trainings, developing the capacity of grant beneficiaries in project management and implementation, reporting and respecting EU procurement and visibility rules, grant implementation (gpim) & procurement manuals (pm), delivery of trainings for grant beneficiaries interim evaluation and post-grant workshops developing and strengthening the expertise and know-how within the meu on grant implementation, monitoring and reporting.

Improvement of Occupational Health and Safety Conditions at Workplaces in Turkey

The overall objective of the project of which this contract will be part, is to improve the occupational health and safety conditions of workers at work, and to ensure the implementation of the related EU acquis in Turkey.The purpose of the project is to assist the Turkish government to promote OHS culture among workplaces with the specific focus on mining, construction and metal industries. Following results were achieved within the scope of the project: upgraded OHS conditions in the construction, mining and metal sectors; an OHS management system model available for use in construction, mining and metal-working sectors; increased capacity among OHS professionals to ensure health surveillance and diagnosis; increased awareness and knowledge among social partners, related organisations and PHS professionals on occupational accidents and diseases.

Technical Assistance for Development of Regional Laboratories of Occupational Health Safety Centre (ISGUM)

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The overall objective of the project of which this contract will be part, is to improve the Occupational Health and Safety(OHS) conditions in Turkey. The purpose of the project is to train and support ISGUM regional laboratories in helping enterprises, especially SMEs, to apply the harmonised OHS legislation. Following results have been achieved within the scope of the project; increase in capacity and quality within ISGUM to provide services for enterprises; improvement in the skills and knowledge of ISGUM staff to comply with international standard techniques and methods in their working practice; increase in capacity within ISGUM to manage quality assurance and accreditation; ISGUM staff adequately trained to prepare national OHS policies and working plans specific to regions, and to prepare a “policy options paper” for the use of the national OHS council; raised awareness of OHS issues at the workplace, the purposes and function of ISGUM laboratories is promoted, and employers are triggered to request ISGUM services.

Technical Assistance for Promotion of the Civil Society Dialogue Between EU and Turkey-II

The overall objectives of the project of which this contract will be a part are as follows; ensure a better knowledge and understanding of Republic of Turkey within the European Union, including Turkish history and culture, thus allowing for a better awareness of the opportunities and challenges of future enlargement; ensure a better knowledge and understanding of the European Union within the Republic of Turkey, including the values on which it is founded, its functioning and its policies.
The specific objective of the project is to assist the MoEU in the implementation of 3 Grant Schemes under the “Promotion of Civil Society Dialogue between the EU and the Republic of Turkey- II” Following activities were carried out: support to grant scheme management and monitoring activities, preparation of the project manuals , training of the PIU members on project management and monitoring, training of trainers of grant project management for grant beneficiaries.

Continuation of the Jean Monnet Scholarship Programme

The overall purpose of the project is to ensure participation of young professionals, students and civil servants in the Jean Monnet Scholarship Programme funded by the EU, by developing trained human resources in the EU acquis, whereas specific purpose is to assist Ministry of EU in the implementation of the programme in Turkey. Ikada carried out following activities: development and maintenance of the Programme website; development of the MIS; promotion of the Programme to all interested parties and potential candidates , Transparent and fair selection of scholars, identification of universities and training institutions relevant to both needs of the scholars and to the objective of the scholarship programme a, placement of the scholars at their respective training institutions, monitoring of and assistance to the scholars during their studies abroad; organisation of seminars and workshops organized with Jean Monnet Scholars’ Association; overall administrative and financial management of the IPA Contract.

Independent Monitoring and Evaluation of the Grant Scheme Programme scheduled under the EU funded Strengthening Pre-School Education (RFP-TURA-2011-01)

The purpose of the project is to upgrade and establish quality child day care and pre-school education services for disadvantaged children and their families through the capacity building of MoNE institutions, public institutions, municipalities, NGOs, and development of community based models and partnership. 75 grant projects in 38 provinces are awarded under this Grant Scheme totalling to an approximate budget of EUR 5.860.000.Following activities were carried out: assess the implementation of the grant, map and collect information of the developments of the grant scheme programme, provide continuous support to CSOs and schools benefiting from the grant scheme, identify challenges and opportunities, feed information into the existing MIS database on the grant monitoring, periodically undertake quarterly field monitoring visits to provinces to monitor the grants on site, coordinate with the project manager and the other relevant stakeholders on the monitoring of the grants, analysis of monitoring and data ,capacity building on monitoring and evaluation at relevant staff of MoNE.

USAID funded Evaluation of the “Enhanced Identification and Protection of Trafficked Persons in Turkey (IPT)” Project

Provision of consultancy to enhance the capacity of relevant Turkish anti-trafficking stakeholders to identify and protect (potentially) trafficked persons more effectively and provide social inclusion of these persons by establishing standardised operating procedures (SOPs) for the identification of (potentially) trafficked persons based on a victim-centred approach. Evaluated performance IPT project via SMART indicators, identified good practices, lessons learned, recommendations. Carried out a research study, gap & needs analysis between Turkish and EU policies on anti-trafficking and social inclusion of trafficked persons (including a legal- & institutional mapping).


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