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Bahri Aydın

Bahri holds an executive MBA from Preston University and is a graduate of Middle East Technical University, where he completed a BSc in Business Administration. He is the founding and managing partner of IKADA. Apart from driving the future direction of the firm, he is an expert on business planning, sales, marketing, entrepreneurship and regional development. He advised donors, SMEs, governments, local administrations and NGOs on critical business and policy issues. He designed, monitored and evaluated various EU and other internationally funded projects. Prior to the establishment of IKADA, he worked as a sales and marketing manager for market leader companies.

İrem Eroğlu

İrem holds a BSc in Political Science and Public Administration from Middle East Technical University. She is positioned as a business development assistant at IKADA, and supports to bid & tender processes, expert evaluation and project backstopping.

Emirhan Çim

Emirhan is currently pursuing a bachelor’s degree in economics at Middle East Technical University, Ankara. He is positioned as a generalist and was placed in the thick of the action, while working side by side with some of the best in the business. As a Business Development Specialist, Emirhan is assisting IKADA in managing and coordinating business development process, bid & tender management, recruitment, project management & implementation at all phases. 

Gözde Arık

Gözde holds a BSc in the Department of Chemical Engineering at METU and an MSc in the Department of Social Anthropology at the same university. She is a Business Development Specialist at IKADA. Contributes to the design of project proposals. From the preliminary field research and background information of the projects; she is responsible for presenting them in analysis and textual form. She also contributes to the implementation process of project proposals.

Mehmet Emin Hacıoğlu

Mehmet holds a BSc in International Relations from Selçuk University. He works as Financial and Administrative Affairs Responsible within İKADA. He is responsible for managing the company's financial and administrative affairs, monitoring project budgets, preparing financial reports, managing goods and services procurement processes, performing procurements, tracking personnel transactions, providing technical support in the use of information technology resources, and ensuring the continuity of operation.

Ceyda Dayıoğlu

Ceyda holds a BSc in Business Administration from Middle East Technical University, and an MBA from Ahmet Yesevi University. With over 15 years of experience in project design, management, implementation, monitoring and evaluation; she provided expert advise, training and leadership on various internationally funded (EU, WB, UN etc.) projects.
Ceyda, is the founding partner, as well as the managing partner of IKADA, managing projects to drive growth since the foundation of IKADA, 21 years ago from now.

Serhat Tunar

Serhat holds BSc in German Translation & Interpretation from Hacettepe University and he is currently taking a M.Sc. education in Modern Turkish History. Serhat is a member of the business development team and responsible for the expert evaluation, project backstopping and technical aspects of the bid & tender processes.

Burcu Berk

Burcu holds a BSc in English Translation & Interpreting from Hacettepe University, Ankara. As an member of business development team, Burcu is in the position of assistance to IKADA in project management and coordination during the preparation and implementation of tender processes as well as using the translation competence.

Zeynep Özdemir

Zeynep holds a BSc in Sociology from Middle East Technical University and she is currently taking a master degree in Social Policy at METU. She provides support to the business development team as an associate at IKADA and responsible for the expert evaluation, project backstopping and technical aspects of the bid & tender processes.

Cantürk Yörük

Cantürk is currently studying Linguistics at Hacettepe University. He is positioned as a designer assistant in IKADA and is responsible for supporting the preperation and graphic design of the website, proposals and tender process.