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Clarification Text About the Protection and Processing of the Personal Data


You are hereby informed about the Law No. 6698 on the Protection of Personal Data (KVKK), which has been published in the Official Gazette issue 29677 dated April 7, 2016, for the purposes of protecting the fundamental rights and liberties of persons, especially the right of privacy, regarding the processing of the personal data by IKADA Insan Kaynakları Gelişim Danışmanlığı LTD. ŞTI (IKADA) in the capacity of Data Controller as stipulated in Article 10 of the same Law titled "Obligation of the Data Controller to Clarify".


The personal data collected and processed by IKADA INSAN KAYNAKLARI GELIŞIM DANIŞMANLIĞI LIMITED ŞIRKETI ("IKADA" or "the Company") are under the protection of IKADA. The personal data are processed by IKADA under this Clarification Text in conformity with the Law No. 6698 on the Protection of the Personal Data ("KVKK") and secondary regulations and other legislation regarding the protection of the personal data.

As per the KVKK, personal data means all kinds of information that can identify you are make you identifiable. Your personal data processed by the company, their processing purposes, the parties which can receive such data, their collection method and its legal reason, and your rights regarding the said personal data are provided below.





The concepts of personal data, sensitive personal data and data processing that are used within the clarification text are in reference to the definitions stipulated in the KVKK. The concept of "Personal Data" as provided in the KVKK means all kinds of information regarding a real person who is identified or is identifiable, and the concept of "processing the personal data" as provided in the same means all kinds of operations carried out on the data such as collecting, recording, storing, maintaining, changing, reorganizing, disclosing, transferring, receiving, making available, classifying or using such data through fully or partially automated means or non-automated means, provided that the same is part of any data recording system.


Principles of Processing the Personal Data


Personal data belonging to their owner, which are specified in Article 4 of the KVKK, shall be processed by the data controller Organization for the purposes that are conforming to law and good faith, true and current when necessary, definite, clear and legitimate; in connection with the purpose they are processed for, restrictedly and conservatively; and according to the rules of retention for the duration to the extent that is stipulated in the legislation or that is required for their processing purpose.




What Are Your Personal Data that Are Processed?



If you visit our website and/or apply for the Requests and Suggestions section and


fill the form, the following personal data may be processed.



  • Identification Information: Name-Surname,

  • Contact Information: Telephone No., Email Address, Address,

  • Occupation and Business Information: Company Name

  • Your Process Security Information: IP Address Information, Website Entry and Exit Information.



Processing of Your Personal Data


Your personal data may be processed according to the following purposes as per the relevant legislation. Your personal data shall be processed for the purposes of




  • Fulfilling the contractual rights and obligations that you have contracted for the purposes of the services you acquired from our company, and other legal and administrative obligations;

  • Evaluating the requests and suggestions submitted by the users, ensuring the process security by storing the recorded interviews, verifying the customer data in order to ensure the process security;

  • Notifying the relevant administrative and judicial authorities regarding the investigation, determination, prevention, examination of the breaches of the contract and law;

  • Notifying the changes in the Law and Regulations or notifying the customer about other declarations that are related to the relationship between our customers and our company;

  • Notifying the dues of the customers;

  • Fulfilling the obligations arising from the Law No. 5651;

  • Providing the services for the utilization of the website and meeting your needs within the framework of your operations and preferences, detecting, auditing and controlling the unauthorized and fraudulent utilization of the aforesaid services;

  • Retaining the necessary information that is required to be stored as per the relevant legislation, copying and backing up the information in order to avoid loss, controlling the consistency of your information, taking the necessary technical and administrative precautions for the security of our networks and your information;

  • Fulfilling the legal obligations and carrying out legal proceedings and judicial processes, which are required or obligated by the legal regulations, with the regulatory and supervisory authorities;

  • Acquiring and evaluating suggestions for the improvement of the business processes, and conducting customer request and complaint processes;

  • Solving the disputes that may arise between our company and our customers, exercising and protecting the rights that have been awarded to our company on legal grounds;

  • Carrying out storing and archiving operations;

  • Carrying out organizational planning;

  • Informing the authorized persons, institutions and organizations


as per the conditions of personal data processing stipulated in articles 5 and 6 of the KVKK.


Transfer of Personal Data


Apart from the exceptional circumstances provided in the legislation, the personal data and the sensitive personal data may not be transferred to other real and legal persons without the explicit consent of the data owner. In circumstances that are stipulated as exceptions by the Law (KVKK) and Regulations, and in cases when the personal data is required to be transferred to the competent administrative or judicial institutions or private organizations, due diligence is paid for acting accordingly to the restrictions stipulated in the law and regulations.


Within the framework of procedures and principles stipulated in the relevant laws and regulations and as per the conditions and purposes of personal data transfers specified in Articles 8 and 9 in the KVKK, IKADA may transfer your personal data to the competent government institutions and organizations and private persons that are legally authorized, to the companies, institutions and our subcontractors regarding the matters within the scope of our Company's area of activity, to the relevant judicial authorities via the attorneys of our company for the purposes of conducting or pursuing judicial processes, to the public institutions and public companies if requested, to the domestic judicial authorities and law enforcement authorities if requested, to service providers and their officials, our business partners, and to overseas in conformity with the legislation for the purposes provided in this Clarification Text and the Relevant Data Protection Legislation. Precautions are taken in such transfers in order to duly protect your personal data.


Collection Method for the Personal Data and Sensitive Personal Data and Its Legal Basis


Your personal data is processed with automated or non-automated methods based on the reasons of compliance with laws as provided below and stipulated in the provisions of article 5 and 8 of the Law within the purposes provided above regarding the electronic media and depending on the service or operation rendered by our company:


  • The fact that it is stipulated in the legislation that IKADA is subject to;

  • The fact that the data processing is mandatory in order for IKADA to fulfill its legal obligations;

  • The fact that it is made public by yourself;

  • The fact that data processing is mandatory for establishing, exercising and protecting a right;

  • The fact that you give your explicit consent for marketing and promotion activities and transfers;

  • The fact that data processing is mandatory for legitimate interests of IKADA, provided that it does not harm your fundamental rights and liberties.



Our company collects data verbally, in writing and electronically from the website, social media or contractors through automated and non-automated methods. The personal data you provide at every stage of the contract you have executed with our company shall be processed for the duration in which you utilize the services provided by our company, and after the contract is terminated, for the durations stipulated by the relevant legislation or the durations in which the company has a legitimate legal interest to store the information. In addition, your personal data may be processed when you access our website in order to utilize the services of our Company, when you visit our company or our website, or when operations are being carried out in relation to our customers.






You can apply to our company through the methods provided in the "Contact" section of this Clarification text for your rights that are stipulated in article 11 of the KVKK and provided below:


  • Learning whether the personal data are processed or not;

  • If the personal data are processed, requesting information regarding the same;

  • Learning the purpose of processing the personal data, and whether they are utilized for the relevant purposes;

  • Requesting information about the domestic and overseas third persons to whom the personal data are transferred;

  • Requesting the notification of the operations that are carried out as per the clauses (d) and (e) of article 11 of KVKK to the third persons to whom the personal data are transferred;

  • Objecting for a consequence that is against the person themselves through the analysis of the processed data exclusively by automated systems;

  • Requesting the rectification of the personal data in case they were processed wrongfully or incompletely;

  • Requesting the deletion or termination of the personal data;

  • In case the personal data are rectified, deleted or terminated, requesting the notification of such process to the third persons to whom the personal data are transferred;

  • In case losses are sustained due to unlawful processing of the personal data, requesting the remedial of the sustained loss.






You may submit, in person or through notary, your questions and requests regarding your personal data via a petition in conformity with the Communique Regarding the Procedures and Principles of Applying to Data Controller with your verified identity to the address of Mutlukent Sitesi 2024. Cd. No:3 Çankaya/ANKARA. In addition, you can submit your requests to the electronic mail address by using your secure electronic signature and mobile signature or your electronic mail address in our corporate system, which was notified by you to our company and verified by us.

Your applications shall be accepted after the examination by our company and the verification of your identity, and a written and electronic response shall be provided for the relevant person within the duration stipulated in the Law.



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