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IKADA is one of the leading international public sector consulting companies active in the development cooperation sector active since 1999. IKADA works on development aid projects in cooperation with domestic and international donors (EU, WB, UNDP etc.) for public and private organizations, and provides top quality consultancy services with a vision of opening gateways to new horizons through cutting-edge solutions to complex problems and  transformative change with our innovative and people-oriented approach.

  • To apply systematic, methodological and professional working style

  • Project-oriented work with a partnership approach

  • Working with correct and high quality human resources and ensuring team success,

  • To continue the job satisfaction of the employees by increasing them continuously,

  • To produce reliable, efficient and profitable service in the industry and to ensure continuous improvement.


It is a principle that our quality policy and principles are known, implemented and shared by our company management, employees and service suppliers.

Our mission is to provide high quality and traceable business solutions and services that are based on mutual trust and transparent relationship with our business partners, to best meet the needs of our customers and the project, to maintain and increase our success in national and international projects.

To reach our goals, we pursue;

  • High quality standards,

  • Mutual trust relationship with our customers and partners,

  • The principle of high customer satisfaction with partnership approach,

  • Systematic and methodological business approach,

  • Team success and satisfaction with continuous change and development,

  • Sense of responsibility and awareness of responsibilities towards society.

  • Management Consulting

  • Strategic Planning and Business Development

  • Institutional Capacity Building

  • Project Management and Implementation

  • Effective Governance

  • Public Administration and Reform

  • Grant Scheme Management, Implementation and Monitoring

  • Technical Assistance, Performance Management and Improvement

  • Market Analysis, Market Development and Planning

  • Monitoring and Evaluation

  • Research, Policy Analysis and Development

  • Clustering and Cluster Development Studies

  • Talent/HR Management

  • Training and Capacity Building


Contact Us

Mutlukent 2024. Cd No:3, 06800 Çankaya/Ankara, Turkey

Vacancies : hr(at)

Projects and Partnership: projects(at)

+90 312 428 67 35

+90 312 428 67 36

+90 530 322 35 70

0 312 428 67 34

Thanks for contacting us!

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